Nutrition Wisdom

Learn about nutrition, feel sexy & confident in your body, and create healthy habits for you & your loved ones.

Confused About Nutrition?


Do you want to...

✓ Learn to #EatProperly, but get overwhelmed with the conflicting info online?

#DitchFadDiets for good and create your own healthy habits?

✓ Feel #SexyAndConfident in your body?

...You came to the right place.


How to Change your Relationship
with Food in 6 Simple Steps



Waking up well rested, feeling healthy & confident in your body. Your digestion is good, your skin is clear, your mood improved... and you have so much energy!

That's what happened to me.

Skin irritations, chronic infections or acne? Been there. Bloating, weight gain and irregular bowel movements? Been there too. I changed my nutrition patterns in 2010, and I've been helping others make healthy changes since 2015. Today, I know what it takes to effectively create & sustain healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits.

Ready? 5.. 4.. 3.. 2..

Have you tried every diet out there and still not seen the results you crave?

I've been there, and let me tell you... Once I realized this ONE thing, everything changed. You wanna know what that is? Okay, here goes...

There is NO one-size-fits-all "diet"; you are unique, which means you require a unique health routine.

Either you understand nutrition, or you need to learn about nutrition. It's that simple.

That's how I went from sick in a hospital bed, overweight and unhappy to loving my body, looking and feeling healthier than I was even as a teenager.



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About the course...

Nutrition Wisdom is a 90-day crash course on nutrition essentials so that you can create your own healthy habits and feel sexy and confident in your skin!

We follow a specialized framework that teaches you the concepts and actions required to become your own holistic health guru and see results in your health and confidence!

✓ No more confusing Google searches.

✓ No more fad diets.

✓ No more discomfort in your body or questioning your food choices.

What You'll Learn

- Nutrition fundamentals

- Understand the real root cause of dis-ease and symptoms

- Improve your gut health, mood, immune system and digestive system - and never look back!

- How to shop and eat ethically

- Create your own "diet", meal plan and self-care routine

- Master your mind-body connection (cravings, will-power, "gut feelings"... etc.)

- Improve your skin's clarity, pH and appearance through nutrition and daily routine  

- Make eating healthy your go-to choice. Feel satiated and happy with healthy foods - never feel "hangry" again

- Manage physical pain and discomfort through lifestyle and nutrition

- Prioritize healthy habits and belief systems

- Low and zero waste methods of living





#NutritionWisdom Curiosity Call



Who this is for

You want a deep-dive into nutrition and holistic health practices

You are engaging and friendly

You want a community of like-minded people

You are ready to make BIG changes


Who this is not for

X You want a quick-fix

X You always see the glass half empty

X You're unwilling to participate in group setting

X You don't want to change lifestyle habits outside of nutrition (mental, emotional... etc.)

If you're ready to deep-dive into a wealth of nutrition knowledge, and create & sustain your own holistic health habits than book your free 20-minute consultation with me today.

*Each student is interviewed and hand-selected to ensure they yield the best results from this program.

Prices for nutrition consulting begin at CAD $997. This price includes your 90-day transformation program, with ability to add one-on-one coaching calls, custom nutrition & meal plans. 



Amy Nicole ♥



How to Change your Relationship
with Food in 6 Simple Steps