Why I quit eating peanuts

I have a confession... I LOVE peanuts.

Did you know that flamingos aren't born pink?

They're actually born with grey feathers which gradually turn pink from a natural dye found in their diet of brine shrimp and blue-algae.

Sometimes I joke that I'm like a flamingo, Amy.

I feel that I've eaten so many peanuts that my skin has gradually turned a similar shade to that of peanut butter.

A love story gone wrong...

Ha ha, well that's not 100% accurate, but I still like this theory.

Real talk though, peanuts are sneaky. At a glance they appeared to be my friend.

  • They're tasty and comforting (like a PB & J sandwich on a warm summer day).
  • They're affordable and pair nicely in both sweet and savoury dishes...
  • ... Did I mention they are sooo tasty?

Aside from all these benefits, my body doesn't enjoy processing them - even in their purest, least refined, filler-free form.

Instead, every time I eat the scrumptious little things I end up with acne all over my face, back and chest.


So, after months of experimenting with, and eliminating foods from my diet, I admitted to my peanut addiction and removed them completely from my diet in November of 2019.

*And the results are incredible.*

The negative side-effects simply aren't worth a moment of pleasure.

It all came down to my state of mind.

All my life I've glorified peanuts and put them on a pedestal, to my detriment.

The most difficult part of quitting my habit was changing my mind around what peanuts are to me. Now, when I look at them I see:

  • An attack on my body and my immune system.
  • I see a week (or longer) of embarrassing acne.
  • I see an item that will not add to my health, and instead will hinder it.  

So why am I telling you all of this?

Partially because the truth sets us free, and I needed to get this off my chest.


And partially because I want you to know your strength.

If you're struggling with acne, bloating, digestive issues, skin conditions (like eczema, psoriasis... etc), or any chronic infections - I encourage you to take a deeper look at your nutritional habits.

What foods to you eat regularly (or compulsively)?

Are they helping, or harming you?

Is the moment of pleasure on your lips worth the negative side effects?

Hit reply if you've ever experienced something like this, and what you did/are doing to overcome it. Your stories inspire me, and I'd love to know how you cope.



PS. If you ever want to talk about health, nutrition, and getting on track with your wellness - holla atcha girl!


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