Grateful that you've taken the time to get to know me.

Amy Nicole

Amy Colman-James, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Yoga Teacher.

“Through a series of beautiful coincidences, nomadic world travels, conversations with unlikely friends, and a handful of serendipitous occurrences; I find myself here, now. 


Amy Nicole is a woman of bold essence left with a burning desire to continue growing and sharing her passions with friends, strangers, students and teachers alike. Originally from Canada’s chill West Coast, she chose to bring forth her practice as both a Yoga Teacher and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to the french cultural hub of la ville de Montréal, where she currently resides.

Her first introduction to eastern philosophy was at the age of 16, where she lived in Southeast Asia and where she welcomed her first curiosities and shift in culture and exploration.

She discovered the magic and healing properties of yoga in 2010 during a significant transitional stage. Practicing for the sake of her physical health, she soon understood the overall wellness her practice brought her - mentally, physically and emotionally.

With the intention of deepening her personal practice, she chose to volunteer at the Ahimsa Yoga Ashram in Nicaragua as a Karma yogi. It was only after a couple months back home, did she decide to return to follow her path in the jungle to complete her first Hatha yoga training, where she gathered a deeper understanding of herself and the practice of yoga in its entirety.

Yoga urges us to step back into this moment, it allows us to become in perfect cohesion with our body and and all of it’s functions, as well using it as a tool, a constant reminder of honouring the importance of our sense of total well-being.

Amy’s gentle nature organically encourages students to modify their practice to their own individual body. In guiding her students to develop a strong personal practice that is both safe and comfortable, she helps us rediscover our own sense of empowerment and creates a safe space to challenge ourselves - mentally and physically, both on and off the mat.

“My aim is to empower students to use yoga as a way to recenter their thoughts, stimulate and balance prana (life-force energy), and maintain a strong, healthy structure, as well as to provide students with the knowledge and true understanding of union of the body, mind, and breath.”


Amy Nicole - Mermaid Pose (eka pada raja kapotasana) 


“It's not about becoming a better person. It's about unbecoming everything you are not.” 
This page was so beautifully written by my lovely friend, and fellow yogini, Coralie Kourany