Hi Amy,

I've been getting a few emails with questions about Nutrition Wisdom, so I decided to answer the most popular ones just in case you had one but hadn't asked yet.

  1. When does the program start? 

Doors are currently closed until March 2020. So that I can ensure the best support for my students, I am keeping intake to an intimate size of 10 students for now. 

You can always register for the waiting list here.


  1. I'm a little skeptical about group programs, will it work for me?

I was also skeptical about group coaching before trying it my first time. Please rest assured I would never offer or teach something that I didn’t truly believe in. 

The benefits of group coaching are numerous, however my top 3 are:

  • The community
  • You’ll have access to other people going through similar life shifts as you. When things get tough, you’ll have a community to breathe life into you. When you have a win, you’ll have a community of others to celebrate with.

  • The accountability
  • Yes, I’m here to keep you accountable, however I can only offer so much support for multiple people. With a group, you’ll have round-the-clock access to those who want to see you succeed and are willing to hold you accountable to the changes you commit to!

  • The discussion
  • I always love hearing what others’ have to say. The beauty of groups is when everyone has their own experience, and questions to bring to the table. Things you may have never considered before. It brings perspective, and with perspective comes wisdom.


    1. What is the price of the program and is there a payment plan option?

    This program is valued at nearly $5,000.00 - however your investment in yourself is only $997... And there’s a payment plan option. 

    REMINDER: You're the best investment you'll ever make. When you divide that by the amount of days you're in the program it's $11 a day. You wouldn't even sniff at spending that on coffee & uber eats. This is a change that will last a lifetime. If things stay exactly as they are a year from now, can you afford not to becomes the real question.


    1. I’m not based in Canada, can I still join?

    ABSOLUTELY! We’ve got students from all over the world. Our weekly coaching calls are hosted on Zoom.us, and all content and discussion will be online.


    1. I'm pretty busy… & I might be on holiday - what if I miss a call?

    Each weekly call is recorded so you'll never miss a thing. PLUS - you’ll have lifetime access to every worksheet, video, workshop, and bonus resource INCLUDING your private Facebook community.


    1. I really want to join, but I’m nervous! Help! #sos

    I know the feeling, and this is completely normal. I was once on the fence to message a coach I wanted to work with, because I was so scared to get on the discovery call and look like an idiot. I ended up sending her own Instagram picture to her DM in a fluster because I was trying to cancel out of sending her the message. I not only ended up doing her program, but became a support coach for it. The universe forced my hand that day and I am glad it did. I am the least scary person to get on a call with and I always have your best intentions in mind and heart. If the program is a no, that is completely fine too. 

    My goal is to leave you with enough value for you to take your next step, whatever it may be.


    1. How long is Nutrition Wisdom? 

    The whole course is 90-days (or 12-weeks) long. I know, I know… that feels like forever. Let me share something with you though… A lifetime of poor nutrition habits cannot be undone overnight. In fact, your “work” won’t be finished after 12-weeks… it will only be starting. 

    I don’t believe in quick fixes, and if that’s what you’re looking for than Nutrition Wisdom isn’t for you. 

    If, however, you’re ready to make life-long changes in your diet, lifestyle, and mindset; then you’re in the right place. 


    1. Do I have to be vegetarian/vegan to take this course?

    No, not unless you want to (in which case I fully support you).

    Nutrition Wisdom is for anybody and everybody who wants to make healthier food choices with a focus on plant-based eating. 

    *Plant-based doesn’t mean vegan or vegetarian. It simply means someone who eats a diet of primarily fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. 


    1. How can I get registered!?

    As I mentioned before, enrolment is closed until March, however you can sign up for the waiting list here to be notified as soon as doors are opened again!


    Have a question that's not on here? Hit reply and I'll answer get back to you ASAP.